Wire Wrapped Crystal Ring


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Pictured is a gorgeous, 12 gauge copper wire ring that wraps around the finger twice, has two circles on the top and bottom as closures, and has a sliver of raw, pale blue aquamarine wrapped onto the center with 18 gauge copper wire. Dainty, simple, and durable. The design allows for the ring to be adjusted to fit your unique design. In order to preserve the quality of your ring, we recommend that you keep it away from water.

Every ring is unique, and size, shapes and colors of stones vary.
Each ring is crafted from high quality anti-tarnish copper or brass.
Raw crystals and gemstones.
Adjustable to fit your unique design.
Available in US sizes 5-13.5 Made to Order and custom to you.

Aquamarine: Tranquility – Aquamarine helps to bring a peaceful, calming and soothing energy

Care instructions:
Avoid moisture, perfumes or chemicals.

Cleanse and charge by placing near selenite, incense or sage smoke, or under the full moon.

Please note: this wire is moveable. These are not soldered rings and can bend, but they can always be bent back into shape. Each ring is made of 12 to 24 gauge wire, therefore thinner rings, allowing them to move and bend.

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