Manifestation Ring


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Custom Designed Ring in sterling silver, 1 round citrine gem stone

This powerful ring is a piece created from love, for love, to love. This ring is made from only the highest quality 925 silver. Contained in the ring you will see the Flower of Life, the Seed of Life, Vesicapisus, the Dodecahedron, the Consciousness Grid, and the Merkaba – finished with a beautifully simple Citrine stone in the center of the ring. The intention of the ring is to connect and amplify the energy of love and life from The Consciousness or Divine with the wearer – allowing the wearer to develop and experience more peace, calm, love, and light within and around them. This ring is a statement piece that also serves a higher and greater purpose when used in energy-healing processes. Whether you are a practitioner using the ring with clients or a person looking for a meaningful piece that “just feels good” to add to your repertoire (collection?) — this ring serves that purpose.

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