Evolve Scent-Ergy

Evolve Scent-Ergy



Obsidian crystal infused essential oil roller. This is a great blend for spiritual purification and energy cleansing. It dispels negative energy and restores tranquility and calms emotions. Genuine Obsidian crystals are great for protection. They offer aid with growth and self-reflection.

Our organic skin soothing oils combined with aromatic theraputic grade essential oils, create deep moisturizing, fragrant body elixirs suitable for all skin types. Each oil, infused with healing powers of genuine crystals, will clear your chakras and promote your well being. Our non- greasy, quick absorbing oils will leave your skin feeling healthy and hydrated.


Obsidian is great for deep soul healing. It is excellent at assisting with the release of disharmony. The stones have been cleansed and charged using a singing bowl tuned to note C, the vibrational frequency that flows through the root chakra, seen in light as red.


Palo Santo | great for meditation and cleansing negative energy.

Clary Sage | removes negative energy and calms the mind.


Fractionated Coconut oil | ultra hydrating and doesn’t clog pores.

Organic Sweet Almond Oil | high in vitamin E which keeps skin cells healthy, protects from UV radiation damage, keeps skin soft and free of fine lines, reduces sun spots and scars.

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