Copper Power Pen-Ergy – Chrysocolla

Copper Power Pen-Ergy – Chrysocolla


Seeking to capture the natural beauty and power of crystals with the healing energy of beautiful golden copper coiled around them… PEN-ERGY COPPER POWER CRYSTAL PENS are set with positive energy. These healing stones and copper can be used to enhance all aspects of your life, as well as your writing.

Holding your crystal power pen for a few moments with your eyes closed and focusing on your intention may help boost your body vibrations, essentially putting you at ease.


Copper is a sought after metal for its ability to enhance positive energy and keep the body healthy. Copper uplifts a person spiritually, and is often warn to boost immunity and ward of negative influences.

Chrysocolla resonates best with the throat and heart chakras. Its energies unlock and stimulate these chakras, making it possible for you to channel the love from your heart to other people. This stone also facilitates clearer communication of your inner wisdom.

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