Copper Power Pen-Ergy – Amethyst

Copper Power Pen-Ergy – Amethyst



Copper is a sought after metal for its ability to enhance positive energy and keep the body healthy. Copper uplifts a person spiritually, and is often warn to boost immunity and ward of negative influences.

Amethyst is the gemstone for Wisdom it brings peace, calm and clarity. Gathers energy for a more centered feeling.

Amethyst cleanses energy in the mind, body and spirit – encouraging peace, calm and clarity, protecting and balancing energy of self and space. Amethyst is revered for transmuting negative energy within and around, bringing comfort. Use this stone for clearing the min, calming the body, and gathering “scattered energy” for a more centered feeling. Amethyst can help bridge the common sense and spiritual insight for more centered decision making.

Affiliated with the Crown Chakra, Amethyst helps encourage spirituality and intuition.

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