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At Metastreems our initiatives are love and good energy.

From our water bottles to our jewelry inspired by sacred geometry, high vibrations and healing energy - we are proud to say that from design to finish; loving energy is poured into each creation. Our products are designed with beauty, built with integrity, and radiate healing energy. Each product is meant to enrich and enhance your life in a meaningful way.

Our mission is to stay true to the humbling power of sacred geometry, gemstones, and precious metals. Our goal is to bring it all together in a way that also brings people, happiness, and healing together. "Awake, Relate, Resonate" is our slogan and simply summed up is a call to ignite the light within you... allow that light to help and heal you... and allow yourself to shine so brightly that you illuminate those around you. Awaken to you, relate to another, and raise your vibration.


Our team is extraordinary at making this all possible:

  • Stacey Caron- Owner, Student of Healing and Designer 
  • Jeff Caron- Owner, Student of Healing
  • Emily Steele - Manager, Designer, Creater, Student of Healing
  • Tarra Berger- Student of healing, Designer
  • Marc Milinkovich- Metaphysical Manufacturer, Student of Healing
  • Christy Kerr- Student of healing, Designer