Dr Emoto’s Ground Breaking Water Discoveries

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“Good or bad, water responds to your energy.”

Dr. Masaru Emoto

Dr. Masaru Emoto‘s Snowflakes


Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered how our thoughts and emotions affect the molecular structure of water. Water that has been infused with love and gratitude resembles almost perfect crystals. Conversely, water that has been warped by negativity appears asymmetrical and incomplete and carries discordant energy that pollutes all it comes in contact with. Dr. Emoto revealed the profound impact our energy can have on our bodies and the world around us.

Thus, when we use water to hydrate, would we rather consume water that has been shaped by the ugliness of our negative energy, or the majesty of our love and gratitude?

When we focus on this beautiful symmetrical structure, we ground ourselves in empathy and extend this intention to everything around us, bringing balance to all that is touched by our energy. We can use this energy to wash away tension, stress, and fear, replacing negativity with harmony.

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