Good or Bad, Water Responds to Your Energy

Actions have consequences. This statement was probably repeated to you time and time again when you were a child. You were punished for bad behavior, rewarded when you did well in school, and lectured when your actions impacted other people (maybe you shouldn’t have borrowed mom’s car without asking?). However, I doubt you were ever told about the effect you have on the water around you.

 Dr. Emoto’s experiment results of negative and positive emotion on water crystals.

Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered how our thoughts and emotions affect the molecular structure of water. Using high speed photography, Dr. Emoto showed how water reacts to human words and thoughts. The crystalline shape of water that has been infused with love and gratitude resembles a snowflake and creates almost perfect crystals. It carries life-giving energy that is shared with all who interact with it. Conversely, water that has been warped by negativity appears asymmetrical and incomplete and carries discordant energy that pollutes those who come in contact with it. Through his work, Dr. Emoto revealed the power of our thoughts and the profound impact our energy can have on our bodies and the world around us.

Thus, when we think about the water we are using to hydrate ourselves, would we rather consume water that has been shaped by the ugliness of our negative energy or the majesty of our love and gratitude? When we ingest water that has been charged by positive thoughts, the water’s beauty and harmony rejuvenates and replenishes our cells. We should therefore be mindful of our intention when we are hydrating and infuse the water around us with energy that will positively impact our bodies and surroundings.

Make Your Water Work for You

The shapes that water molecules take when interacting with our vibrations are connected to sacred forms found throughout nature. These patterns allow the universe to organize itself, and by studying this system, we can better understand how to use these patterns to create and sustain balance. The beautiful symmetrical structure of water molecules that have been exposed to compassionate and loving intentions is just one of these many shapes. When we focus on this snowflake pattern, we ground ourselves in empathy and extend this intention to everything around us, bringing balance to all that is touched by our energy. We can use this energy to wash away tension, stress, and fear, replacing negativity with harmony.

Flower of Life
Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is another pattern that carries deep spiritual meaning. Composed of evenly-spaced overlapping circles, this figure has a flower-like pattern and is said to be the template for all living things. At the center of this shape is the Seed of Life, made up of seven overlapping circles. The Flower of Life can extend infinitely outward from this seed, symbolizing creation and unity. We all come from the same blueprint and are therefore joined together in the cycle of creation. This pattern can be used to charge our water with a gentle energy to balance our auras, reminding us of the single source from which all life came and that the power of that same energy dwells within each of us.


Take The Work a Step Further

The power of the snowflake crystal can be further enhanced and focused by the addition of semi-precious crystals to direct the energy according to our intention. Whether we want to further enhance the loving and harmonious energy created by the snowflake pattern, amplify the spiritual and personal power evoked through the Flower of Life, or simply establish an individual intention for this energy in the physical world, we can combine sacred forms with gemstones to bring about a very personalized and specific energy that can be used to transform our spiritual journeys. In this way, with every sip of water, we can infuse our bodies with the energy we need most to manifest and mindfully act on our intentions.

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