Nourishing Our Bodies with Light

The sun sustains life on our beautiful planet, feeding plants, generating heat, and providing fuel for our bodies and our civilizations. The sun’s constant presence, however, can cause us to take it for granted. It’s easy to stay cooped up in office buildings, illuminated by computer screens and fluorescent bulbs. Some of us rise before the sun and return home long after it has disappeared from the sky. Furthermore, we wake up to cell phones and fall asleep to the TV, creating a cycle that starves our bodies of natural light. We forget that the sun provides nourishment that fills our hearts and rejuvenates our souls. When we lack proper light nutrition, we come disconnected, unstable, and heavy, burdened by stressors and anxiety that further enable our isolation.

Whether we are focused on maintaining spiritual balance or are seeking to recover from light starvation, it is important that we consistently provide our bodies with much-needed light by directing its energy into the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. This can be achieved through the use of sacred symbols that focus light energy and direct it to the parts of our bodies most in need of its blessings. These symbols include the Merkaba, Vesica Piscis, Fruit of Life, and Icosahedron.

Channeling Unity and Fostering Balance


      Merkaba Light Body

Our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are brought together by light – known as the light body, which radiates energy and connects us with the infinite universe. This light body is represented by the Merkaba, which is made up of two intersecting triangle pyramids (tetrahedrons) that together create a three-dimensional energy field. The word Merkaba is actually composed of three separate words – Mer, meaning light, Ka, meaning spirit, and Ba, meaning body – that together symbolize the unity of the spirit and body, surrounded by light. By focusing on the Merkaba during mediation, we can unite our spirits and bodies and create an activation of light that can transport our consciousness to a higher dimension.

vesica piscis

      Vesica Piscis

Unity of the spirit and body is not achieved easily, however, as these distinct entities are often seen as polar opposites. Yet, these two extremes depend upon one another to exist. This coexistence is represented by the Vesica Piscis, which is made up of two equally sized circles that are arranged so that the edge of each lies at the center of the other, similar to a Venn diagram. Translated to mean the Vessel of the Fish, the Vesica Piscis signifies the balance between the spirit and the body. One circle represents the spirit, eternal and unchanging, while the other circle represents the physical body, constantly adapting and changing. When we focus on this symbol, we channel our energy into achieving or maintaining this fundamental balance and remind ourselves of the power that is unleashed within us when the spirit and body are balanced.

Transcendence through Unity

fruit of life

       Fruit of Life

To reach the higher dimension, we must break down the barricades that separate us from the higher forms. The higher dimension is represented in the Fruit of Life, a sacred symbol made up of 13 circles. Hidden within the Flower of Life, the blueprint for all living things, the Fruit of Life is the key to unity and transcendence to higher planes. The key is embedded in the sacred number 13. Anyone familiar with music will remember that an octave contains 12 notes; the thirteenth note is just an iteration of the first note but at a higher frequency. 13 therefore represents the higher dimension. Focusing on the Flower of Life directs our consciousness to our surroundings, allowing us to discover what we must do to move forward and how to make our aspirations a reality.



This movement, both towards our goals and towards a higher level of consciousness, is represented by the icosahedron – a 20-sided figure made up of equilateral triangles. This sacred symbol denotes change and flow and is an energy grid of the water crystal, as water constantly flows and changes from a liquid to a gas to a solid. Our spiritual journeys are like water, always moving and shifting but at the same time eternal, like the tide. Water regenerates, feeds, and heals; thus, the icosahedron is a source of healing energy that manifests in the physical reality. We can use this symbol to guide our consciousness, grounding our intention in finding a safe path forward towards our ambitions.

Channeling Water and Light Energy

The Matrix of Light unites the mind, body, and spirit to unleash incredible potential within us. By nourishing all parts of ourselves with healing light and water, we can obtain peace, joy, and stability, uplifting our beings from the fog of distraction and everyday monotony. Furthermore, this balance allows us to reach the higher dimension, which is the key to locating the path to our goals, whatever they may be.

Given the unique nature of our goals, it is important that we direct this powerful and loving energy appropriately; through the addition of semi-precious stones, we can facilitate a specific transformation or amplification, allowing for development of a personalized and specific healing that matches our individual needs and desires.

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