Logic + Emotion = Harmony

In American culture, the heart and mind are often portrayed as opposing one another. The mind is logical and calculating. The heart is emotional and empathetic. We can use our heart or our brain, but the two cannot work together. In fact, this could not be further from the truth. The heart and brain are constantly talking to one another, sending information back and forth through nerves, hormones, pulse waves, and electromagnetic fields.

When the heart and mind are working synchronously, we radiate a powerful energy that produces a sympathetic resonance, encouraging hope, faith, and belief in our goals and intentions. We feel more intuitive, clear-headed, and ready to face the world. Conversely, when the heart and brain are at odds, the communication between the two becomes chaotic and irregular, triggering a fight-or-flight response in the brain. We feel angrier, more stressed, and unable to cope. A strong relationship between our heart and brain improves our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We must therefore strive for harmony – communication between the heart and the mind that promotes smart decisions and positive energy.

Connecting and Reconnecting

Are you struggling from a lack of balance in your life? Are you no longer making forward progress towards your goals? Do you feel like you are simultaneously being pulled in different directions? These are all symptoms of a poor relationship between your heart and mind. In moments like these, it is important to remind ourselves that our heart and brain are one; we must encourage these two powerful entities to work together. This can be done by creating a mindful intention and focusing our energy on restoring this harmony using sacred symbols.

There are many sacred symbols that can be used to direct energy towards repairing or reinforcing this bond. The first two are fairly obvious: the brain and the heart. The brain is a reminder of how the fabric of existence is composed of intricate patterns. The neural networks that make up our brain present one of the most complex puzzles known to humankind, hence why scientists continue to make new discoveries about the brain every year. The symbol of the brain provides a gateway to other realms, allowing us to transcend physical space as our consciousness extends beyond our physical bodies. We must honor our brain as a vehicle to higher truths and direct our energy towards restoring the balance.

double infinity loop
double infinity symbol


Flower of Life
Flower of Life


The heart is where the spirit, body, and mind come together. The symbol of the heart reminds us that we must appreciate the gifts within ourselves; we must see ourselves as we are and love ourselves unconditionally. In doing so, we will unlock the hidden wisdom of our souls. When the heart symbol is joined with the double infinity loop and Flower of Life, it becomes the Compass to the Heart. The double infinity loop, most commonly seen in the electron rings surrounding an atom, signifies perfection and the removal of limitations. Like a gyroscope, it generates energy and keeps that energy in motion. The Flower of Life, on the other hand, enhances the connection to our higher selves and reveals the innate harmony in all things. Together in the Compass to the Heart, these symbols channel our self-awareness and generate an enduring energy that extends to all parts of ourselves.

The Ties that Bind

Heart to Mind Metastreems

On their own, the brain and the Compass to the Heart create powerful healing energy. What is missing is communication between the two. We can encourage this connection through the inclusion of the double helix and pineal gland symbols. The double helix, most commonly seen in the structure of our DNA, represents interconnectedness. It is the foundation for human life and ties all life in the universe together. The pineal gland, located in the brain, is responsible for our DNA system and is referred to as the seat of the soul. Focusing on the symbol of the pineal gland fosters a connection between the physical body and the higher realms. Incorporating the symbols of the pineal gland and double helix creates an energy bridge between the heart and the brain, nurturing a bond that extends all the way to our DNA.

As we concentrate on Heart to Mind — these four symbols together – the brain, Compass to the Heart, double helix, and pineal gland – we honor all parts of ourselves and encourage our heart and mind to work together as one. We develop a divine energy that cultivates a feeling of interconnectedness in everything it touches. We can then narrow the focus of this energy if we so choose by including semi-precious stones, which can be used to communicate a more personalized intention to the energy created through these symbols. These crystals enhance the energy and direct it to the focus of our intention, whether that be to foster more love in our lives, stimulate personal and spiritual power, or encourage whole-body healing. Regardless of our goal, by focusing our intention on these symbols, we ask our heart and mind to work together to create balance in our lives. We synchronize our logic with our emotions and spread a wondrous energy throughout our body that inspires harmony in all things.

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