Encouraging Healing through Energized Water

We all want to be healthy. Whether we are focused on maintaining our health or recovering from an illness or injury, healing should be a focal point of our daily practice. Sacred geometry, our knowledge of the shapes and patterns fundamental to our existence, can enhance our awareness and appreciation of the universe. There are several sacred symbols associated with our physical wellbeing. Each of these symbols encourage healing by activating the chakras through which the energy in our body flows.

Seed of Life

Seed of Life / Flower of Life in Nature

All life comes from a single source, and it is through our understanding of this source that our healing practice begins. The geometric symbol known as the seed of life is the heart of the cycle of creation. The seed itself is made up of seven overlapping circles, which form a rosette. This seed represents creation and is at the center of the flower of life, a much more intricate pattern of circles. The seven circles that make up the seed of life represent the origin of creation and thus the beginning of all life. We can see this same pattern all around us. Seeds of new life grow and mature, flower and fruit, before eventually falling to the ground to become seeds for new trees. Thus, the miracle of life repeats itself, cycling energy that, if balanced, can help us maintain our physical wellbeing as we continue on our journey.


This energy can be represented by the dodecahedron. Also known as ether, the dodecahedron is the medium through which vibration travels to create energy. It is made up of pentagons and resembles a sphere, allowing energy to emanate from all sides of it equally. This gentle energy is linked to the higher self, making it the perfect tool for meditation and healing. Through the dodecahedron, we can raise the energy vibration needed to connect with the source, opening ourselves to wellness and wholeness and directing the energy to where we need it most.

Healing our Physical and Spiritual Bodies


Double Helix DNA

Of course, healing is more than just mending the physical body. To heal and maintain our health, we must tend to our spiritual wellbeing as well. This interconnectedness is represented by the double helix, seen most commonly in the structure of our DNA. The double helix is the foundation of human life, linking each new generation to its predecessor and underscoring our relationship to the past, present, and future. To maintain and balance the union of our spirits and the bodies, we must keep in mind the many layers of energy that together make up our aura system – the electromagnetic field surrounding our bodies. This system stores our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical energy and is thus deeply connected to healing, as all layers of energy must be treated to ensure balance.

Toroidal or Torus Energy Field

This balance is obtained by encouraging our aura system to move in a constant cycle. The symbolic representation of our aura resembles a donut whose hole has been replaced by a central point at which the energy converges. Known as the toroidal field, this shape shows the process by which all energy cycles between the spiritual and the material. If we want to heal ourselves, we must ensure that our toroidal field (aka the torus) does not become stagnant. We can keep our spirit and matter in harmony and the toroidal field balanced when we allow our energy flow freely.

Combine These Symbols, and What Do You Get? (or Combining These Symbols for Maximum Effectiveness)

On their own, each of the symbols discussed above promotes healing. When combined, these five elements become the Healing Matrix and create a gentle energy that is grounded in the relationship between our spiritual and material selves. This energy is focused on establishing and maintaining balance in our aura system to ensure that every layer is working together to direct life-giving energy towards a focal point, in this case our physical well-being.

The Healing Matrix maximizes the healing potential of the energy and bathes us in its purity and live-giving promise. This symbology, however, can be further enhanced by the addition of crystals, whose unique crystalline structures focus energy in specific ways. After we have created an intention – a goal or desire on which to focus, the crystals can communicate this intention to the energy created through the Healing Matrix design, strengthening the energy and underscoring our intention. When we meditate on this intention, we activate a primal awareness of the energy created through this design and enhanced by the crystals. As we focus on the Healing Matrix, we direct the energy to the parts of us most in need of care in that moment and remind ourselves of our ability to create change within ourselves. Thus, we empower this energy to flow harmoniously around and through us as we ground our attention in restoring our natural balance.

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