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This is our little corner of the Internet, where we offer energetic tools, biofield enhancement jewelry, healing aids, and high vibes!

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Ethically sourced and sustainably harvested, our Earthy Offering Bundles are perfect energetic tools for manifestation, protection, cleansing and charging.

Meta Moon Vibes

New Crystal Power Water Bottle Designs!

Learn the effects that water has on your body and health… and create your personalized crystal and design combination!

Soul Stirs

Soul Stirs™ are a beautiful and unique way to open up your Chakra system by infusing your drinks with the power of crystals. Each stirrer has a Chakra symbol design for the top and is filled with polished, natural crystals that work to clear and balance that specific Chakra.


SCENT-ERGY™ Crystal Infused Essential Oils are carefully crafted with therapeutic grade oils and infused with the healing power of genuine natural crystals. Each blend will clear your chakras and promote your overall well being. Our non-greasy, ultra hydrating and aromatic elixirs are suitable for all skin types. 

Bamboo Journals

Our 5x7in. bamboo journal with bamboo pen is just the thing you need for writing, journaling, or keeping good ideas safe. 


Focus your mind and intention when you write with Metastreems PEN-ERGY™ Crystal Power pens, and our new collection of PEN-ERGY™ Copper Power Pens. Our Crystal Power Pens come filled with a variety of natural polished crystals, and our Copper Power Pens have a beautiful natural Crystal wrapped atop a coil of golden copper, creating an energetic wand. They are perfect for practical everyday use or for ceremony and incantations.

About Metastreems

Our initiatives are love, high vibes, and good energy.


From our water bottles to our jewelry inspired by sacred geometry, high vibrations and healing energy – we are proud to say that from design to finish; loving energy is poured into each creation. Our products are designed with beauty, built with integrity, and radiate healing energy. Each product is meant to enrich and enhance your life in a meaningful way.

Our mission is to stay true to the humbling power of sacred geometry, gemstones, and precious metals. Our goal is to bring it all together in a way that also brings people, happiness, and healing together. “Awake, Relate, Resonate” is our slogan and simply summed up is a call to ignite the light within you… allow that light to help and heal you… and allow yourself to shine so brightly that you illuminate those around you. Awaken to you, relate to another, and raise your vibration.


Our team is extraordinary at making this all possible:

Stacey Caron- Owner, Designer, Student of Healing 

Jeff Caron- Owner, Student of Healing

Emily Steele – Manager, Designer, Creater, Student of Healing

Tarra Berger- Student of healing, Designer

Marc Milinkovich- Metaphysical Manufacturer, Student of Healing


COVR Visionary Jewelry Award, 2020
Metatron’s Cube Pendant
Scottsdale, AZ









We are always available to you. If you want to chat about vibes, crystals, water, or wine, don’t hesitate to reaching out!

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